Every Day Is a Holiday


“Every Day Is a Holiday” is fiscally sponsored by Women Make Movies and has received support from individuals as well as organizations such as ITVS and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. See our evolving list of contributors below.

Join us and help with the film’s outreach and distribution. Your tax-deductible donation of $50, $100, $500 or more will bring the film to other countries, schools and community centers. Please visit Women Make Movies and donate via its secure shopping cart.

To donate by check, please make your check payable to:
Women Make Movies
Remember to write “Every Day Is a Holiday” in the memo section.

Mail to:
Women Make Movies
115 W 29th, Suite 1200
New York, New York 10001

Thank you for your support.

In January and February of 2011, we conducted a campaign on Kickstarter, a site that uses crowdfunding to finance creative projects like this one. We raised over $11,000 through that campaign, and posted some thoughts about how to use that platform.

Thank You

Carlye Adler
Regan Avery
Mayling Birney
Emily Branham
Craig Briskin
Ben Thorp Brown
Bobby Caina Calvan
Ally Cao
Alex Chachkes
David Chan
Sharon Chan
Catherine Chao
Beatrice Chen
Christine Chen
Michelle Chen
Felix Cheng
Samantha Cheng
Kevin Chiao
Margaret M. Chin
Aren Cohen
Anita Cole
Ryan Conley
Kate Cook
Lisa Cullen
Julie Dam
Shymala Dason
Christine DeLorme
Esther Hong Delaney
Nando DiFino
Danielle Do
Mitchell Dong
Ben Donnellon
Greg Dunbar
Bill Einreinhofer
Courtney Engelstein
Kimberly Ernest
James Fortier
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Fucsko
Linda Burlew Gold
Patricia Goldman
Katrina Gregorius
Ned Gubbins
Gautam Guliani
Candace Heckman
Scott Hemphill
John Hensley
Nathan Hilgartner
Vi Ho
Yu-Chi Ho
Neille Hoffman
Michael Hutchinson
Kristen Isaksen
Sean J.S. Jourdan
Beong-Soo Kim
Christine Kim
Eunice Kim
Jinhee Ahn Kim
Todd Kim
Chris King
Marilyn King
Michael Last
Jeffrey Lewis
Annie Li
Reuben Lim
Annie Lin
Judy Lin
Joe Loong
Andrea Louie
Mynette Louie
Steve Maasz
Matt McCarty
Graham Meriwether
Rome K Neal
Steve Nguyen
Stephanie Nilva
Kristen Nutile
Sally O’Grady
Grace Peng
Peter Pinch
Drew Pisarra
Andrei Pricope
Richie Procopio
Dan Pupius
Cornelia Ravenal
Myron Rosmarin
Rosemary Rotondi
JK Scheinberg
Alexandra Schwartz
Lara Sfire
Anna C. Sheen
Sachin Shenolikar
Sanghyon Song
Michael W. Sphar
Ariel Spivakovsky
Derek Stanley
Kasama Star
Hayley Sterling
Sharon Stiltner
Mary Suh
Annalyn Swan
Saleema Syed
Christina Tang
Sarah Tran
Doris Truong
Cathy Tsang
Elisa Ung
Jo Van de Kerkhove
Jill Van Dweoestine
Michael Vogel
Charles H. Vogl
Carl Voss
Nelson Wang
David Warren
Nathaniel Wice
Lewis Winter
Marisa Miller Wolfson
Leejone Wong
Veronica Wong
John Woo
Evan Young
Jordan Young
Diana Yousef
Nina Yuan
Jacqueline Yue